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Why you should hire our best mold inspection service?

You might know that there are health risks when there is mold accumulation in your home. That is why our best mold inspection services offer top-notch solutions for mold treatment. We at Protect The Investment, LLC work from the grassroots level on the issue, removing not only surface mold buildup but also hidden causes. We ensure that mold doesn’t come back in your home. We have a team of highly professional and skillful experts. Our crew ensures your home is in impeccable condition without mold. 

We focus on improving your and your loved ones’ health with our services. We can assist you with that with our mold removal services. You can leave the job of mold remedial to us. That’s because mold removal can be an undertaking that is only left to experts like us, we can find mold in any region of your house. Our team is efficient in identifying and mitigating the mold. We are located in Chevy Chase, MD, and we aim to provide the most effective mold mitigation services in town. Our company has a team of maestros who are competent and experienced in treating the mold-infested regions of your home. Contact us today.

Mold Inspection & Removal service
Mold Inspection & Removal service


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Reliable Radon Inspection Service You Can Count On

Radon is a gas that is made up of radioactive elements. It can diffuse into buildings from small traces of uranium found in rocks and soil. It can also get mixed in the air from bricks and concrete. In highly concentrated quantities, it can be harmful to the human body. But you should have no concerns. That’s because our radon inspection service team in the town can check the amount of radon in your house. We can suggest removal methods assuming it is vital. Our crew is highly competent in carrying out the radon inspection in your home. You might be suffering from an additional buildup of radon on your property. We can assist you with that with our radon examining services. You can leave the job of radon detection to us. That’s because radon mitigation can be an undertaking that should only be left to experts like us, we can find radon in any place in your house. Our team is efficient in identifying and eliminating this element. We are located in Chevy Chase MD and we aim to provide the most effective radon detection services in town. Our company has a team of maestros who are competent and experienced in treating the radon-affected regions of your home. Contact us today.

Professional asbestos inspection service with cutting-edge solutions

Asbestos is a mineral that can be naturally found on our planet. It has many uses and it is highly appreciated because it is heatproof, highly tensile, and has insulating attributes. But it is also harmful to health. We have a brilliant team of professionals who can find out if asbestos is present at dangerous levels in your home. Our asbestos inspection service team can do the job for you. We are highly trained and capable at our work. We can provide a report on all your asbestos-related issues. Our crew has the right equipment and expertise to do their job. We can assist you when you require efficient asbestos examination service in your home. Not only we will detect asbestos in your home but our work will also keep your home sanitized. Our company is offering its services in Chevy Chase MD. A team of our asbestos identification maestros has expert knowledge about the asbestos management process. With our remarkable experience, we can perform the right job for you. Our crew is tremendously responsible when it comes to detecting asbestos on your property. We are highly reliable because we offer ultimate services in our town. Call us today.

Best Home Inspection Service at your doorstep

With our best home inspection services we can carry out a thorough examination of the state of your property. We can find its true value for you assuming you are trying to sell it. We have a highly trained home inspection crew with the right skills and qualifications to do the job. With our home inspection team, we can tell you all the pros and cons of your home. We can update you about all the aspects of your home that require your attention. Our team does its work thoroughly by assessing all the regions of your home. We can examine your home with the help of our team. Our company can carry out all kinds of inspections on your house. We are home examination gurus, who offer brilliant services. We are based in Chevy Chase MD. Our team has top-notch experience when it comes to home inspection work. We are specialists in our work. You can state your requirements to us. For that, you can carry out a consultation with our team. We will be happy to guide you through the entire home examination process. Hire us now to get our services in the town.

Gain knowledge about your home ahead of time, let us help you protect your investment!

Extraordinary Lead Inspection Service for Your Safety

We provide excellent lead inspection service for your safety. Our inspection team can find out if there is lead-based paint in your house. We can also determine if there is a lead present in your children’s room. Our crew can tell you its source by their inspection. We can carry out the legal inspections that are performed by the certified examiners or our risk evaluation team. We have got what it takes to do our job. Our experts know all the ins and outs of their work. When you get our services, we guarantee that we will do a high-quality job on your property. Our company is running its business from Chevy Chase, MD. We are a leading lead examination service provider. We have incredible experts who offer brilliant solutions. That’s why we ensure to provide an excellent lead detection job to our customers. You can choose our firm for top-end solutions in lead identification on your property. Our crew is highly skillful in finding out lead-effected areas on your property. That will bring a hygienic environment to your home. When we examine your home with our lead inspection team, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you have given the work to the gurus. That’s because we do our work with complete dedication and perfection.