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Ensure hygiene with the best mold inspection services

Mold is very dangerous for your health. It can cause severe allergies, diseases, and respiratory issues. In severe cases, where there is prolonged exposure to mold, it can also affect our brain functioning. It becomes more dangerous because the majority of the time, we don’t know that we have mold in our homes. We only know when it is visible to us, but by then it has already affected us without us knowing.

It’s very important to hire professionals to perform an inspection of your home. Frequent coughing, sneezing, runny nose, itching, and mucus are common symptoms of mold in your home. If you have had any of these for a while, then there are high chance that it’s because of mold and that you will need a mold removal service.

Protect The Investment, LLC, provides the best mold inspection service in all of Bowie, MD. Our experts have all the advanced tools and equipment to help detect even the smallest of mold. Normally, we do air testing and surface testing in all possible areas like your HVACs, attics, flooring, walls, hidden areas, and more. Our thorough inspection will reveal any part of your home with mold. Our expert staff can also remove the mold for you. So, call us now for professional services.

Mold Inspection & Removal service
Mold Inspection & Removal service
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Reliable Radon inspection service

Radon is a very dangerous gas that could fill up in your home without you even noticing it. It is the leading cause of lung cancer in the US. When someone inhales the gas, the radioactive materials pile up in that person’s lungs. After a certain amount of time, the material starts to break down into smaller particles. These particles then result in small bursts, damaging the inner walls of the lungs. These small damages then cause lung cancer. What’s worse is that health problems can appear even after years of exposure to the gas. 

This gas is formed when the uranium underneath the soil starts to decay. These gases slowly start to rise towards the surface and can fill up your home. That is why getting an inspection is necessary. We provide reliable radon inspection service in all of Bowie, MD. Our experts are equipped with the latest tools and inspection equipment to detect even the smallest amount of radon. We will inspect all the areas on your property. Our professionals also have all the protective gear that helps them to confidently inspect suspected areas with more gas exposure. Don’t wait, and call us now for a reliable inspection. 

Get an asbestos inspection service if you live in an old home.

Asbestos is a harmful mineral that was once used extensively in our daily lives. It exists in small, delicate fibers which can travel easily through air. Despite being light, delicate, and fibrous, it has high heat resistance. That is why it was used in a lot of things like home insulation, automotive spare parts, dryers, roof shingles, ducts, ceilings, and more. It’s not used anymore, but old buildings and appliances might still have these.

Because it’s in fiber form, it can easily be inhaled, and it’s impossible to remove these fibers from our lungs. Inhaling asbestos can cause diseases like lung cancer, asbestos is, respiratory issues, permanent lung cancer, and more. If you live in an old home, then it’s crucial to get it inspected for asbestos.

We provide the best asbestos inspection service in Bowie, MD. Our professionals have years of experience, and they are aware of the possible hidden areas that can contain asbestos. We will perform a thorough inspection of your home. Our experts follow all the standard operating procedures and safety protocols to make sure that it’s not released into the air if found in your home. Hiring us means a safe and secure inspection. Contact our experts now.

Get your home scanned with the best home inspection service

A home inspection is a process where a professional inspector visits your home to inspect the structural and functional features of your home. A home inspector can help you highlight areas in your home that require improvements and repairs. Apart from that, a home inspector can also help you pinpoint issues in your home systems like HVAC and water heating systems. This service is especially helpful if you are going to buy a new property or sell your current one. 

Protect The Investment, LLC, has a skilled and seasoned workforce with years of experience backing them up. We provide the best home inspection service in Bowie, MD. Our team has successfully inspected countless properties in the area and has helped people identify critical areas in homes. We are also the first choice of Realtors when they need to assess a home. We help them to avoid buying homes with faults in them. Hiring our services will ensure that there are no faults or damages that are hidden from you. You can then get them repaired by professionals and restore your home. This service can also protect you from any unexpected accidents, like falling into a weakened gutter. Call us now and get your property scanned.

Gain knowledge about your home ahead of time, let us help you protect your investment!

Why is lead inspection service important?

Lead inspection service is important for a couple of reasons, but the most important ones are to avoid health issues, follow legal guidelines, and for a secure remodeling/ renovation of your place. Lead is a very harmful material if it comes into contact with humans. It can lead to cardiovascular issues, respiratory issues, headaches, tremors, hinders an infant’s development, and reduced fertility in men.  

Despite this, it has been used in our daily lives for hundreds of years. In the US, it was commonly used in painting houses. So, if you have an old home with paint, chances are that it contains lead. That is why it is crucial to get a lead inspection as soon as possible to avoid any of the above damages. 

We provide inspection services that you can trust. Our experts are professionally trained to execute this inspection with perfection. Our inspectors perform a swift inspection while adhering to all the security and quality standards. We pay extreme attention to detail and leave no area that is not inspected. Our thorough inspection will pinpoint even a minute amount of lead in your home. Call us now in Bowie, MD, for a detailed inspection.