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A mold spore is a common issue in homes because it is built with little damp or moisture surface. Various kinds of molds can even be built without any moisture. Roof leaks, indoor plumbing leaks, poor ventilation, persistent humidity, and many more can easily cause them. Molds can cause major house damage like a collapse of sealing or walls and create health issues such as breathing problems, allergies, etc. You can prevent such hazards with Protect The Investment LLC by availing of the best mold inspection services. Our professionals examine your home to suspect active infestations, water damage, or access to moisture. Inspection areas may include crawl spaces, roofs, and behind cupboards with the help of both air and surface sampling. With skills, knowledge, and experience, we can suspect all kinds of mold as well as provide a proficient mold removal service to protect your home. All the affected areas are vacuumed and wiped out using a special formula with a microfiber cloth.  Sometimes trusting experts to prevent further damage is your only option rather than DIYs with no reliability. Choose us to fix your mold issues with exceptional services and long-lasting effects. Reach out to us in Arlington, VA.

Mold Inspection & Removal service
Mold Inspection & Removal service


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Reliable Radon inspection service for you!

It would be hard for you to understand what radon is if you are buying or selling a house without radon inspection for the first time. Radon is a kind of naturally occurring gas, and because of its natural properties, it is impossible to detect without proper gadgets. Radon exposure can affect indoor air quality which causes major health damage such as lung cancer, asthma, respiratory failure, etc. Fortunately, it can be prevented through proper inspection and tests to avoid extreme damage. It is commonly found in basements. Symptoms of radon can easily be detected when you have chest pain, cough, or trouble swallowing. As a provider of professional radon inspection services, we opt for tests with the help of detectors. It can be a short-term or a continuous process, depending upon which level of damage is your home at. Our experts mitigate and reduce radon levels by suggesting you seal cracks in floors and walls with plaster, install mitigation systems, increase air flow, upgrade water filtration, etc. Proficient knowledge and skills make us professionals in this field. Contact us and get a radon inspection done ASAP in Arlington, VA. 

Transform your home with our asbestos inspection service!

Asbestos is a kind of mineral composed of needle-like fiber that occurs in rock and soil. Inhaling or indigestion can cause them trapped in your body which leads to cancer, inflammation, scarring, etc. Early it was used for insulation, and fireproofing because of high quality resistance, and reliability but with undermining major disadvantages it got banned. It may be hidden in pipes, walls, cement, or tiles. If your house is older, asbestos can be found in materials like paint, vinyl floor tiles, and steam pipes because of its advantages. We provide asbestos inspection services to keep your environment safe. Our team inspects your place and collects samples through polarised light or electron microscopy methods. After the collection of the sample, it is sent to a laboratory for analysis to check how poisonous the fiber is. The service process could take 5-10 days to investigate properly. Our professionals make sure to let you know of any facade asbestos can cause. Elevate your experience with quality services, from personalized solutions to cutting-edge innovation. We are dedicated to transforming your living beyond expectations. Investigate your problems with us and secure your family with reliable services provided by us. Contact us to arrange an appointment in Arlington, VA

The best home inspection service is available!

A home inspection is necessary for safety issues and maintenance requirements which might cause serious damage and expenses at inconvenient hours. Inspection helps understand the condition of a home before investing in purchasing it. The inspection process includes examining the structure, cooling, and heating systems, plumbing, electrical wiring, and many more. Our team inspects your home with tools, skills, and knowledge. Our services include inspection of the interior to look around the damage to walls, leaky faucets, plumbing issues, cabinets, windows, and other major areas. Exterior inspection includes roof, sidings, water damage, and pest control. Moreover, our experts inspect electrical, fire, and air safety. It would be a loss of money if you didn’t inspect your home before purchasing. Not availing of home inspection services can reduce the waste of your time and energy that you’ll invest in repairing your home over and over again. With our help, you will have peace of mind and no need for extra repairing, it helps you know the potential that your new home has before you decide to buy it. We have the experience to acknowledge your demands, and we are likely to serve you remarkable services. Unleash possibilities of transforming your dream into reality. Connect with us in Arlington, VA.

Gain knowledge about your home ahead of time, let us help you protect your investment!

Outstanding lead inspection service!

Lead is a chemical element with various useful properties but also an extremely toxic substance. It is a metal used in ammunition, soldering material, batteries, pipes, ceramic tiles, and radiation. It is extracted from charcoal and heat because it does not generally exist in metallic form. It can be built in even well-maintained houses when lead-based paint is being exposed to heat, scraped, or sand during renovation. Lead causes long-lasting harm to adults, increasing high blood pressure, and cardiovascular or kidney damage. Constant exposure to such toxic chemicals can lead to brain damage, anemia, environmental pollution, etc. Our professionals make sure every possible safety when doing lead inspections. We examine all parts of the house where lead might exist with the help of the latest tools and gadgets. We properly investigate the exposed areas and send a sample for testing to know how contaminated your air quality is. The process usually takes 2 to 4 hours with proficient and in-depth inspection.  Hiring a professional for such a serious matter should be your only option. Do not go for DIYs and amateurs because it is an extremely sensible task. Hire our best lead inspection services to avoid mishaps.  Call us now in Arlington, VA.